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~Rant about Nausicaa.. Xenogears and other things~

I have to say that "Nausica: Valley of the Wind" is a damn good movie. *grins*

Of course Alexi called me shallow becaues he was like, "There is no bishounen in Nausica Nia, you won't like it.. " and I was like.. "Damn it Alexi.. I am not shallow.." and then I pointed out that some of my favorite guys -weren't- bishounen. (Like Viktor, yay Viktor..) and then he apologized for calling me shallow.. and then a little while later I was like, "Dude, can you see up Nausicaa's skirt"..

Then he sporfled.

That was my good anime fix of the day. *hee's*

Now granted, I am all for some well placed bishounen.. but I cannot go without my storyline or plotline. Even though I know some people might think so, I do need a well thought out plot, I need to connect with the story.. or else the game/anime means absolutely nothing to me. I have to emotionalize with it, I have to feel it at my core. That was why Xenogears was such an awesome game for me.. because 1.) The storyline was just.. there are no words. It has spoiled me for everything else game wise. Angst, Drama, Romance.. a little text heavy but I'm a bookworm so it didn't effect me nearly so bad. Most of the characters I loved, and if I didn't love them, I at least empathiazed with their plight.. canonically wise, the main relationship of Fei and Elly was played up -very- well. The deep religious overtones brought me to my knees. (not with the love of god though.. *heh's*) and the heavy reincarnation themes made my heart squeak. Forever Xenogears will hold a special place in my life. Not because of it's mad bishounen skills. (Though I will maintain that the only -true- bishounen in that game is Billy.. the rest.. are either Biseinen or ruggedly handsome..) But because through it's story, it touched me in just a little way.

I am on my 11th playthrough of that game right now.. Right now at the Tower of Babel.. mmmm difficult yes, but the music rocks my socks... I think that motivates me on that section.

So now I'm going to wander about online. How is everyone this evening?

Which reminds me shuufish, Victorian (not including Fei and Citan) = 39,459 words / Independant = 64,771 words

I haven't bothered to see how many pages it is.. but it's long! *huggles* We really should be co-writers or something like that..

And this icon.. I could stare at it forever. Saru does some good stuffs!
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