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~I wanna taste you but your lips are venemous poison~

The realization that out of the first 20 songs on your playlist.. 7 of them could apply to Muraki Kazutaka.. well that is a very lowering thought... Does that make me a twisted person.. or is all the fucked up songs trying to scoot toward the front in order to mess with my head? However I have so far seven songs to narrow down for my FST. this'll be precious, I already know this *groans*... right now my Oriya muse is rummaging around.. I think this FST might be run by him, as strange as that sounds... that is all we need.. an FST created by Oriya for Muraki. Oiya oiya.

A few people have high expectations for my Muraki FST.. I fear disappointing them. *hides*

Excuse the spamage.

Damn it, "This Could be Love" by Alkakine Trio is SO perfect for Muraki.. and yet, I cannot use it because it was used in the last FST done for Muraki. *bangs head against the keyboard*

Edit: It's evidentally time to go to bed when I am listening to "Candyman" by Aqua and getting images of Muraki luring Tsuzuki out with a giant lollipop. That might just have to go on the CRACK side of the FST
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