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Nia's Final Impression of Sukisho.

It is not a strong series in my mind, nothing can right now beat Gankutsuou... however it was decent. Theoretically there were only two reasons that had be watching the series past the 4th episode.. and that was Nanami and Shinichirou. Not to mention Matsuri was also giving me a solid secondary reason. Now granted, it -was- better then Gravitation. (in my mind.. as usual opinions in my journal only reflect my own sphere of like and dislike.) But I have nothing better to compare it to. I do have high hopes for Loveless though. (we shall see though)

Favorite Character: Shinichirou
Second Favorite Character: Nanami

Favorite Song (op/end): None really struck me.

Favorite Side Storyline?: The Valentines Day Job.. where the Do-it-all Team try to hook Nanami and Shinichirou up.

As you can tell, my whole enjoyment of the series revolved around Nanami and Shinichirou.

The ending seemed a bit rushed, I am thinking that if they had started on the serious stuff an episode earlier.. it might of given then a bit more time to concentrate on the end. I do admit that I did get a bit of end wibblies though. So that was also a redeeming quality. So it did mean that I did get a bit of emotional involvement into the series. But my overall impression remains very similar to uzukisaru's.
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