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BFHA - Mika-chan (practice) sent by squidflakes
Seabound - Torn sent by ANON
Ace of Base - Que Sera sent by neonkitty
Passage of the Marshes sent by ANON
Flame - What Can I Do sent by rina_chu
Diana Ross - If We Hold on Together sent by ANON
Haru wo Daiteita - Love Butterfly sent by ANON
Fureai - Kaze no Tabibito sent by pichi
Delerium - Poem for Byzantium sent by widowblade
Ai Yori Aoshi - Namo Shirenu Hana sent by fuckyeah
Polyphonic Spree - Night and Day sent by ANON
M-flo (Dragon Ash) - The Way you Move sent by ANON
Cher - Love and Understanding sent by akomachi
U2 - Until the End of the World sent by oceanic_indigo
Steps - One for Sorrow sent by ANON
Svörtum Fötum - Meðan ég sef sent by vampyran
svörtum fötum - Alsæla" sent by vampyran
Gravitation - Love Stuff sent by yukikijo
Damian Rice - The Blower's Daughter sent by ANON
King Adora - Smoulder sent by superfi
Tori Amos - Sleeps with Butterflies sent by ANON
mrnorth - We Choose We sent by ANON
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