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Well I decided to make a new icon just so that I can save my "Xen0pwned" icon for special occasions.. and hence this icon. I adore Sigurd, always have.. but then it is because as you all know, I have a thing for white hair and dark skin. And well I always wanted to do a more polished looking icon using this icon. The words are from "Beloved" by VNV nation which of course was used in my my Citan and Sigurd FST for February "RabuRabu" month over at the good old fst community with the actual FST located Here (songs available on request)

Not to mention, much like Sigurd I was a desert rat for around 20 years.. before coming to Idaho. The enviroment of Sigurd, the life expiriences of Citan.. woo makes me an interesting individual to be sure.

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