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~I feel the light betray me~

Much of what Nia writes here will be a classic case of over-reaction, venting and bitchyness.. you know I think I have neglected my deadjournal. *blinks* but anyways enough of that.. I got off of work and realized I had to stay up to help put in the floor.. 12 pm rolls around with no sign of bed.. finally we move our stuff back in at 1 pm and I crash out and I don't wake up til 8.

My dream had nothing to do with Alexi which is a good thing because I probably would of broken down into tears for no apparent reason. I get emotional, for no reason, but I won't get emotional around people.. I usually wait til I am alone, ask Alexi, he will tell you that I am adept. However he knows me now, much like Mel did.. and he can pretty much read between the lines. He knew I was angry last night, however I wasn't angry at anyone in particular, it was an anger that didn't have a target or a visible source.

I am listening to "In the End" which is my favorite Linkin Park song. *sniffles* I have this Magus songfic.. (Magus Zeal.. chronotrigger fanfiction.)

"Time is a valuable thing,
Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings.
Watch it countdown to the end of the time,
The clock ticks life away.

The imagery is so vivid however I couldn't possibly portray it with words. Visions would be more suitable.. pictures. I can see the pictures in my mind. *holds head*

Anyways okay I have a new stalker. We will refer to him as DragonballZ Man since that is the only thing I could derisively think while I was looking at his shirt. He has known that I have been into anime however I think he either thought I was a sailor moon junkie or a fellow DragonballZ addict.. I dunno, cept I had fun making him eat dirt with my otaku knowledge. I swear Son Goku is like his hero. *shakes head* Reminds me of my friend Timmy. (Yes I am best friends with a dragonballZ addict, however I have -forced- him to watch Utena which he admits to be very decent.) So at lunch, while also being ready to keel over from sleepiness.

Funny how I reached into my backpack to randomly pick out a CD case to listen to and I pulled out Linken Park.. and coincidentally it fits.

On a lighter happier Nia note, I think I found a epic RP for Angue.. course alot of it has to be agreed upon but it involves Magus.. very elusive.. yes but I had the whole morning to think and I didn't feel like talking to anyone. *hehs* I don't feel like expounding on it tho' *falls over* I might go grab some food.


I think I should not be allowed to post in this LJ right now. *shakes head* However Timmy is emailing me and he is making me feel better, pretending to be gay just so I will laugh (even though Timmy Moore is the biggest homophobe on the face of the planet)

Fuck this, I am going to IMC.

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