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~They will see us waiting from such great heights, come down now~

I would still like to say that until you've actually played the game or seen the anime.. you cannot really be in the fandom, no matter how much you understand the characters. But eh, that's just me and I'm a Xeno-elitist.

I'm so glad that uzukisaru enjoyed the drabble, I really did enjoy writing it. Jin with bunny ears makes my heart go pitter patter. I would have to say that otu of all the artists on my friends list, uzukisaru and katimus_prime are my favorite. Their art rocks, the lines are clean and each have that distinctive style that makes their arts all sorts of rock. (Yes, katimus_prime drew me a picture of Citan and Sigurd on the back of a notebook and hence there it is.. on my corkboard right by my desk. All I have to do is turn my head in order to see lovely lovely Citan and Sigurd goodness.it's non-smutty but that's alright, since I tend to prefer the pictures where they are just hanging around.)

Now to finish my little fic... why is it that my Sigurd muse is a little daunted by Hyuga.. especially when I'm writing a fic and it just takes Sigurd forever to try to get into Hyuga's pants. You would think that he would move like a fire in his pants, but he doesn't.. Oiya oiya.. yes I have a Sigurd muse.. but he doesn't like me to RP with him, he says it's no fun playing to a Hyuga when all I'm doing is criticizing how the OTHER Hyuga is playing, in my mind. Evidentally it's a mood killer.

Which also reminds me.. that I have the titles for my next 2 FSTs done. Muraki's FST has a title which is delightful and I wonder why I didn't think of it sooner. The Jin and Chaos Squenix FST also has a name which I need to run by my co-conspirator, and while the Edmond Dante's one does not have a name.. I need to ask Saru something about that one.

Note: Saru, that's CORKboard.. not COCKboard... sicko
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