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a. Post a list of 15 fandoms.
b. Have your friends list guess your favourite character from each one.
c. When guessed, bold the line, include the character name, and write a sentence about why you like that character.

1.)  Xenogears: Citan - Come on we all know why I love him. He is my favorite character because I identify with him in most ways. Sigurd - I have a thing for white haired guys with brown sugar skin..mmmmm yummy.
2.)  Bleach Ishida - He sews -and- he wears glasses. WIN. Aizen - Tragic glasses wearing bishounen.. yes, I love him too.
3.)  Full Metal Alchemist Hughes - Because I can never get enough of his at one point serious, at another point crack!happy personality
4.)  Harukanaru Toki no Naka De Takamichi He wears green and glasses.. he's like a little heien Citan clone. Tomomasa: And where there is a Citan clone, there must be a Sigurd clone.. except this guy is more -like- Sigurd then actually looking like him.
5.)  Chrono Trigger Magus - My first true video game love.. Magus rocks because he's purply.. yet gothic. Toma - NPC yes, but still the straight guy in the series. Gods I love Toma. He's just a regular guy.
6.)  Final Fantasy X-2 (2): Nooj - Come on guys, he wears the glasses.. and he's rather nicely built. His personality is also a nice attractor factor. Baralai - White hair.. bronze skin.. CHECK!
7.)  Prince of Tennis Inui Because he's evil and he wears glasses. Fuji Still evil.. but probably more evil then Inui.
8.)  Naruto (4) Iruka - I have a thing for teachers.. Orochimaru - I also have a thing for twisted individuals with really long tongues. Kakashi - He is a pervert and he reads porn. It's love. Kabuto - Because he's intelligence, glasses, white haired, slightly evil.. mmm him and Orochimaru make happy in my mind
9.)  Xenosaga Jin - This is a no brainer... but I love him for many reasons, including his cocky arrogance. Chaos - I like him better in the first game.. but he has white hair and bronze skin as well.. and he 's mysterious.
10.)  Ah my Goddess (2) Urd - Yes, with her dark skin and white hair, she can molest me anytime.
11.)  Gankutsou The Count Yes, I LOVE GIANT BLUE SAUSAGES! well I mean he's tragic, and he's so damn.. cute.. especially when he says Gokigenyo
12.)  FF6 (1) Setzer - My very first video game love.. the white hair.. the rakish attitude..
13.)  FF4 (1) Rydia - What is -not- to love about Rydia. She's one kickass individual.
14.)  Angelique (4) Clavis - Yes, very big weakness for him.. it's the hair I tell you.. the hair
15.)  Sukisho Shinichirou - Oh when he is in Minato mode.. oh gods those glasses. Nanami - Elegant and gentle without being overtly feminine.
16.)  Maria-sama ga Miteru (2) Sei - I love Sei, she's very hidden.. yet still charismatic.. she has two sides to her.
17.)  Heroic Legend of Arslan (1)
18.)  Loveless Soubi - Because he is love.. he's like a blonde haired glasses wearing Jin Uzuki
19.)  Samurai Champloo Jin - I have a thing for glasses -and- the name Jin.. wooo joy.
20.)  Fruits Basket The Madubachi trio They are a matched set people.. you can't have one without the other two.
21.)  Yami no Matsuei Muraki - Psychotic Doctors rock my boat. Oriya - So do kimono wearing swordsmen. Tatsumi He wears glasses.. and he's voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa. Watari: Crazy inventor, like woah.. and he wears glasses.

And uzukisaru is banned from commenting, because I know she could guess them ALL..
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