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~Here is a song from the wrong side of town~

A random Nia typing, yup yup that is what it is. Considering I need to go pee really bad, it doesn't matter. I can hold it. *meh's* I just don't feel like getting up right now. Don't ask me, I just don't. *moos* I just wanna download my own music (I.E I wanna get home) I want to do everything else that I can't.. I just want to grow a few more inches taller. (don't ask me why because I won't tell you) and most importantly, I need to have freedom.. regular shifts.. yadda yadda yadda. My motivation is in the negatives today. Maybe it was the dream I had today.. yet another negative nugget of wisdom. Does my mind have nothing else better to do then dream such damnable stuff?

I guess my life is not all about flower petals and kitten whiskers.

Good sugary Nia goodness tonight? I think not. We will be lucky if I even am able to motivate myself to do -anything- Goddess the things I go through every day would try a saint.. Not that I am a saint, a saint would -still- ignore it.. I don't, I just lock it up inside and throw away the key. It comes out, just not in a way that any of you would be interested in.

I have tried to write song fics but my mind won't let me, twice I attempted, they say the third time is a charm, well this must be my non-creative energy weak because I have a feeling a third time will crash and burn so I am not even going there.

I have been having fun at Rolands. You know it is wierd. I love the people that go to Avalon, but I feel more at home at Rolands. Does that seem strange? Of course Angue is going to say it doesn't but honestly I feel more creatively inspired there. At Avalon, I don't know. I was always worried about Mel so were people there.. they were afraid to get involved with characters that Mel used to have a claim on and who can blame them, fear of being socially stigmatized. However here I don't have that fear.. in Roland's, Mel's authority does not exist.. no awkwardness for me at all. That makes me breath easier. Thank you Angue, Laura, Pip, Amichi, Jennie, Heather, Daniel, Rose.. for showing me home. *hee's*

"And I thank you, for bring me here.
For showing me home, for singing these tears.
Finally I have found that I belong here.

Concidentally I want to give hugs out to Mari, Lynn, Matt, Alex, Becka, Jesse and Kat who have always given me a reason to smile when I came into Avalon, you guys listened to alot of ranting. I appreciate that as well.

Well I am not getting any messages from Alexi, is that any surprise? *hurms* None whatsover, I should of known that everything would fuck up, including the email service.. I am going to check my -other- email account. He might of tried to pull a fast one and decided to email -there- *hehehe's* I dunno tho'. Nope, no mail.. hahahha

Me and Angue have created a new island. *whee's* off of Sylvia.. kinda removed from Sylvia so it really isn't -apart- of Sylvia, different language, different deities.. but it is Sylvia's biggest trader (along with Avalon and the Cavern). I wanted something close to Sylvia but not close enough for the activities in Sylvia it harm it. I forgot the name, I should of written it down.. I know Angue did tho' so I am counting on her to refresh my memory.

Anyways alot (oooh email *hums*) of slave trade goes on in this country, because lets face it, the prince is spoiled and has to have countless toys to amuse him. He is kinda like Enigma Nadiir but well more spoiled and he speaks a foreign language. (And that is a hard thing to do because Enigma -is- very spoiled) I also have to think of a song quote for my Tamahome C. *sniffles* I might use one of his song lyrics but then maybe not. *blahs* I don't know. *pounds head in* I do not care to use japanese lyrics even tho' I love the music.. and english translations only work for songs like "Kuroi Tsuki" (which I use for Janus's handle.) I am thinking I need lyrics with money in them.. after all isn't Tamahome the pimp of FY? *snickers* *Tamahome glowers at Nia* *Nia hides away from Tamahome's mad skillz*

Gomen! *meeps*

Anyways gotta go.. gonna go search for lyrics for Tamahome!

Ja! *Which reminds me, there are so many nicknames that I like but I don't think would work with me.. like Yume.. that is so pretty and it is pronounced pretty.. or Hikaru..... I like that too.. but I think I will stick with Angel Nia, Bondage Seraph and just plain ole Nia! *cheese*

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