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I think I may have to redo this Citan icon.. I like it, I like the lighting effects.. but the text makes me mad X_x Because I couldn't get it right.


When you are playing Xenosaga II.. at the very beginning, and Jin goes airborn to whack at the enemies, you have a perfect view of his ass in that federation uniform. I am quite honestly surprised that Chaos can wrack up the muster to fight with that few 24/7.. I think I inspired shuufish to want to play through it again.

Which reminds me.. anyone who can get a screencap for me of Jin's ass.. shall be repaid in oral sex... no questions asked (No gender discriminated against). -_- Note that I said screencap.. and it has to be of his Federation uniform.. because his Yutaka'd self just doesn't cut it. Hell, I'll even swallow.
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