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~Music Meme~

1. Post the names of 30 of your favorite musicians.

2. See who can guess which is your favorite song by each. Second guesses are more than welcome.

3. Once someone guesses right, bold that row and include the song. Put in brackets the person who gets it right.

1.) Duran Duran ["Ordinary World" guessed by shuufish]
2.) Depeche Mode
3.) Sting
4.) New Order
5.) Wolfshiem

6.) Inoue Kazuhiko
7.) Inoue Kazuhiko Duet
8.) Assemblage 23 ["Lullaby" guessed by shuufish]
9.) A-ha ["I've been Losing You" guessed by shuufish
10.) Apoptygma Beserk

11.) Jem ["Come on Closer" guessed by byewonderland]
12.) Modern Talking
13.) E-Type ["Back in the Loop" guessed by duelingred]
14.) Klaha
15.) Malice Mizer

16.) La'Cryma Christi ["Lhasa" guessed by silverwinged]
17.) Kaida Yuki
18.) Okiayu Ryoutarou
19.) Canna Nobutoshi
20.) Sarah McLachlan

21.) Orgy
22.) Zeromancer
23.) Fancy ["Japanese Girl" by lostangelssong]
24.) Beborn Beton
25.) Vienna Teng ["The Tower" guessed by lostangelssong]

26.) Pet Shop Boys
27.) Hidenobu Kiuichi
28.) Morning Musume
29.) Erasure
30.) Lacuna Coil ["Circle" guessed by angeliccelestia]
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