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~The cow goes moo~

For all of you that I -almost- scared today. (though really, no one was fooled.. I know this for a fact.. one cannot just openly declare overnight that boy sex is just not for them.. its an ongoing process..). I am all for Hyuga and Sigurd finding religion.. I'd just rather it be with one or the other bent over an altar. Now -that's- finding religion, and how.

I'm having a lovely conversation with llamajoy via comments on the FST community, and once again I would like to say that I love talking with idols.. it just makes her much more -real- to me if you know what I mean. I am also sending her some Time and Space musics.. I'll also dig up the link for her to sort of suppliment her collection.. because I know there are some MP3s that even I am missing.

I am also backing up my music collection, because damn it I have to.. and if I back it up and then keep a notebook full of MP3s that I download and keep, just in case of a crash, I will have the means to regain my collection. (Damn faulty memory. *arrrs*)
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