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I love talking with Alexi about the future, he is more then likely going to be coming back to the states June or July.. meaning I will have my husband back.. which also reminds me that I am going to have to be put on the waiting list for base housing. *snarfs*

I got 4 new CDs.

Madonna's Greatest Hits Volume 2
"Beautiful" by Garbage
Human League's new CD
Chicago's Greatest Hits 1982-89

And I have to burn some CDs tonight.. Mariah Carey's first CD, a CD of Disney Songs and Peter Cetera. *hee's* So yes, my CD is getting really huge. *heh's* I am such a musicphile. But then music inspires me. All the music lyrics that adorn my C's tag are music that have inspired me. *heh's* Music is the singular thing that inspires me, and then it is video games.. and then anime. (*nia is screwed up..yes*)

Many times I have talked about being a man, being a prince. Yes, there is a bit of gender confusion in Nia's soul. I have been of one long standing belief..

That is that I should of been born a guy.

Why you ask? Well because I find that alot of the thoughts that run through my mind is particularly guyish..the only one I seem to act a female around is my husband.. however he knows quite well my secret wish to be a guy.

I have cock envy.. yes of course I do. However part of it is my knowledge that I could be so much better of a man then any of the other guys that were born one out of default. I don't masquerade as a guy online though because I am basically an honest person (That and I have tried but it failed.. too many complications) And moreso honest to myself.. I know I am in a female's body.. and I will not deny it.. yes I am an innie.. not an outtie. (Damn it!)

Ooooh stomach cramps. *keels over* Tis thursday.. in both senses of the word. And I wonder why I can associate Rainy Thursdays with Thursdays? One being happy and one being potentially painful. *blaahs*

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