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~Hello.. may I have your attention please... mooo~

I just got reading more of Loveless and I love it. My Soubi muse is developing quite nicely.. so him and the Count are the recent members of my entourage. I love it though, because Soubi -does- look like Citan. There are so many pictures that are worthy of iconage. (which I am going to endeavor yes), and he flirts shamelessly with Ritsuka.. (which strangely enough I don't mind. But then I've become increasingly more tolerant of male/male shota..) but ah, yes.. expect much Soubi iconness from me. Because he's just perfect.

What else. Oh yes, Gankutsuou episode 21 fucked with me good. But likewise in a good way. WAY TO GO COUNT! What he did to Danglers.. which very fitting. Poetic justice yes. I am also reading the book "The Count of Monte Cristo" because of it. Ah that is a good book.. very descriptive. I really am seeking at this point in my life quality rather then quanity. Great works of literature can move me more the the average novel can. (Anyone who has any book recommendations though are welcome to refer me to some great books.. I'm always happy to take other people's recs.

I still love the Count insanely. He's an offical muse now. Though to be fair.. he's very picky with which Albert he dallies with. My muses are picky like me. They will only RP with people who do switches too. Since I hate the over-ukeiszation of many men.. I tend to shy away from people that are like, "OMG SO AND SO ONLY BOTTOMS" and likewise. That is also why I probably tend to stay away from pairings where it's only evident that the uke could not be top to save his life. (cough.. shuichi).

When did this become a dissertertion on my writing style? Probably because I've just had a huge bottle of wine and I am kinda drunk.

So anyways.. I thoroughly endorse the buttsecks.. as long as it is done sensibly.

We need to ship all overtly uke types to Siberia. Who agrees with me? Show of hands people.

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