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My Dream

I was at Disneyland.

And it was sorta closed, at least there was no one -there-. Well okay so there were a -few- people there however I was searching for easter eggs. (because it was easter) and Finally I found one by the train station. In fact there were three of them and alot of candy. I gave two to the two little kids but I kept the biggest one for myself.

Then suddenly I am showing Alexi my necklaces and one that I had beaded back in 9th grade, he says it is beautiful and asks me to bead one for him.. so I do.

Then the disturbing part of the dream happens. Me and Anthy and Yui (from FY are being judged by Alexi.. and suddenly I find myself being judged in the middle.. Anthy gets all the lauds that is symbolized by how many of my necklaces are around her neck.

To say I am hurt doesn't even begin to compare.. I express my hurt through having sex with Alexi but in the end it doesn't matter.. I tell him to stop because suddenly I am sick of him but before I can.. he orgasms and then I push him off and run away from him.

I avoid Alexi and he doesn't seem to make any effort to come see me, I end up coming across Matt Cross and a few other guys from Immanuel that are playing cards. I try to cozy up to Matt and it succeeds.

I end up having sex with Matt, I think along with four other people... then when it ends, Alexi finds out and gets mad, he won't speak to me, he holes himself up with Anthy and I am miserable because Yui is lording it over me.

We start the rollerblading contest.. me and Yui go head to head while Anthy falls on her face. I set out to prove myself to Yui.. we have to stop briefly to salute some british soldiers and then we continue on our way... I push Yui aside at one time, and she falls on her face as well.. I come in first.. I see the scoreboard.. and smile.

Because I had won after all.

And then I wake up.

I woke up very mad at Alexi.. I don't know why.. wait of course I know why.

*blahs* Anyways.. *heh's*

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