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Which Gackt are you most like?

quiz by mcvarmazi

You are the warm, sensitive and seasonal Gackt.
Touching, sincere and very poignant, Gackt wrote this song about being with the ones you love during the winter season. With a sweeping chorus and a beautifully delicate melody, it instantly became a new fan-favorite upon its release.
The story behind this song's music video is even more touching than the song itself. Gackt dedicated the song and music video to New York City and even went to New York in November of 2001 to film the very touching video, despite protests from his staff. In an amazing act of humility and kindness, Gackt hardly appears at all in his video and instead focuses on his talented violinist You and on the peaceful wishes of NYC residents.

*sniffles* Awww...

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