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~But don't let it end this way~

I so want to do a songfic to "Foolish Heart" by Johnny Hates Jazz...

However I cannot find the lyrics anywhere and at a few points I can't distinquish what he is saying. *snurfles* It would be a perfect Setzer song.. and he is getting impatient. *meeps and hides from Setzer*

"I held your hands,
And like the morning sun we (something something.. yadda yadda yadda)
I will laugh, I will cry for you.

Like a wind that blows
And stars that shine,
Cool the night by ivory moon.

The wind that calls,
The stars will shine..
And I will come,
And you will say this is enough of me and my foolish heart.

My Foolish heart..
Will you take my hand.. and we will wander far away.
Take my hand (Take my hand)

And I will follow..

Down where the walls come crashing,
Down where the crowd is full,
Down where those fools come rushing in..
To where they feel before.
Down where the ages love me (Isn't sure)..
I will be sure.. you will be there and I will belong to me..
And my foolish heart.

See my dilemma?

Setzer is getting impatient.

Oh yeah just to say, I am glad I sneak into IMC. *heh's* You know it was nice to email Angue but it is even better to have a quicker response time and I cannot believe she dug up that picture of Magus in a thong.

*falls over* OMG.. I had forgotten about that.. that must of been around 2 years ago. *snurfles*

Anyways I wrote Mel a letter telling her exactly what I thought of her treatment to Angue... it was well thought out and written. Seriously I was not about to write something out of anger.. if I did, I would have landed myself in deep shit many time. It was better to sit and calm down and -then- write it.

Oh god I love her Neeko.. errh.. Anton loves Neeko.

Anton: "Auburn sunlight twined with threds of moonlight silver,
Ruby orbs set in a crystalline face untainted by the sins of the past..
Oh sweet angel, watch over me.. keep me from the temptation of your lips."

Nia: *peers over Anton's shoulder* You mispelled "threads" you mufu.
Anton: *Throws his pencil at you* How dare you mock my love..
Nia: I wasn't mocking your "love", I was mocking your spelling.. *snickers and throws the pencil back.* Get it right.
Anton: *crawls into cubbyhole and shuts the door, turning into reclusive chibi anton bear*

*rolls eyes*

Sheesh, such a Diva...

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