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What Superhero Are You?
What Superhero are you?

hey I -still- have bigger boobs then Barbie. *shakes head* That comforts me.

Oh yeah I was really hot in hte tent and I kept waking up and I slowly in my sleep managed to shrug all my night clothes off and toss them aside.. so I was naked when I finally woke up. I also have very violent dreams.. I mean it was a reprise to my -scream- dream. *falls over* My cousin Nathan died in the dream.. and so did Aaliyaah.. except it was all apart of an undead plot evidentally. They came back to life as vampires.

i'm Jack!

One of my favorite movies, Nightmare before Christmas. I must watch it once I get back.. I missed watching it on Halloween and Christmas. *pouts*

Oh yeah.. just waking up.. *heh's*

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