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~Yay memeage.. of the wrongish variety~

Put your playlist on shuffle. Pick the first 25 songs that come up and add "In my pants"** Ganked from manda_babylon

1.) Flock of Seagulls, "I ran...in my pants"
Wow, this starts off fortuitously.. *sporfles*

2.) Liamhl, "Neverending Story In my pants"
No, it never -does- end.

3.) Jem, "They In my pants"
How did they know I have alternate beings living in my pants?

4.) John Taylor, "Feelings are good In my pants"
Three cheers to that. *snickers*

5.) DDR, "Dam Dariram in my pants
Okay so this made absolutely no sense.. whatsoever. That's alright.. *heh's*

6.) ABC, "Poison Arrow In my pants"
Why must they tease me about my lack of male genitalia? *sobs*

7.) Da Pump, "Steppin and Shakin' In my pants"
What can I say, it's a party in there. *heh's*

8.) Fushigi Yuugi, "Still in my pants"
Damn it, get out of there already, you're wearing out your welcome.

9.) Erasure, "Oh L'amour in my pants"
Yes there -is- alot of l'amour there.. more then any woman can handle.

10.) Fool's Garden, "Lemon Tree in my pants"
That's what you get when you forget to trim....

11.) Final Fantasy Celtic Moon, "Into the Darkness in my pants"
Yes it -is- dark in there...

12.) Duran Duran, "Shelter in my pants"
Glad you boys think so.. especially after you crooning, "Just come softly to me"

13.) Toshiro Masuda, "Playful mode in my pants"
Isn't it always?

14.) Masami Okui, "I can't in my pants"
I'd like to ask 'can't what'.. but then I realize maybe that's not such a good idea.

15.) Lillian Axe, "The Day That I Met You In my pants"
Wow, that must of been a pretty crowded meeting

16.) Nightmare before Christmas, "Town Meeting Song in my pants"
That's just.. wrong.. you don't really -sing- with those lips, yanno.

17.) Morning Musume, "Love Machine in my pants"
My playlist sounds so dirty now with the tacking on of the pants.. I swear. -_-

18.) Apoptygyma Beserk, "Mourn in my pants"
So -that's- what it does.... wow

19.) Big Country, "In a Big Country in my pants"

20.) Hoshi Souchirou, "Shining tears in my pants"
They are shining, but they aren't tears...

21.) Naruto, "Rocks in my pants"
Damn, I could only wish..

22.) Slayers, "Give a reason In my pants"
I got your reason -right- here, babe...

23.) A Perfect Circle, "Blue in my pants"
That's what you get when you don't get it for awhile. Remember kids.. masturbation and sex -is- a good thing.

24.) Nylon Beat, "Like a Fool In my pants"

And to end it all...

25.) Sarah Brightman, "Only an Ocean away In my pants"
*coughs.. and proceeds to die*
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