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"Don't disappear on me and I won't leave on you
We find faith in one another if we make our minds.
Let's put our past behind us and future ahead
Take a step together like we already were."


So tired, going to call it an early night tonight. I had some things I wanted to randomly spouted off but I just don't have the energy right now. Remember if you haven't voted in the daily download poll, do so right now because the winner will get uploaded sometime tomorrow. You can find the poll HERE.

The ficlet for Hyuga and Sigurd is coming along nicely. I can never write straight out smut. Most of my writings that are not RP is deeply philosophical and rift with hidden meanings, analogies and symbolism. I can count on one hand all the smut fics I've written. So yes, that shall be posted up to shitan whenever I complete it. (mad props once again to myself for procuring that name). I do best of course at comedy fics. I should post one of my earlier drabbles. Yes I will do that right now.

It was a tradition for SIgurd to take his significant other out to a cozy little tea house in downtown Bledavik for lunch every wednesday. Mostly because Hyuga adored japanese food and Sigurd was not one to deprive him of what he loved the most. Sigurd would finish all of his administrative work and then he would very formally head to the Gear hangers were Hyuga worked as the head technological genius. Then they would walk hand in hand down to Hyu's favorite place.

It was also tradition that they try something new on the menu each date. Or rather Sigurd did. Hyuga would eat pretty much anything that was offered but Sigurd had such reservations, being a rather picky eater in itself.

There was not much left on the menu for Sigurd to try unfortunately. That left all the rather unappetizing, at least in Sigurd's eyes.

"Who -eats- octopus anyways?" Sigurd said as he eyed the menu with much trepidition.

"It is a delicacy in Aquavy." Hyuga said as his own dark brown eyes scanned the menu up and down, deciding on what he wanted to order.

"But this is not Aquavy, this is the desert. No one eats octopus in the desert."

"Evidentally they do, else it would not be on the menu, hn?"

"Damn you, Hyu.. and your logical mind games." Sigurd grumbled.

"Be quiet and decide, Sigurd, or else I shall do it -for- you."

And because Sigurd did not want Hyuga to order him octopus, which he knew Hyuga to be twisted enough to -do-, he settled on something that probably wouldn't look like could wiggle off the fork at any time.

But Sigurd knew that eventually he would -have- to try the octupus, there were after all only so many items on the menu.

Yes, my Hyuga and Sigurd sap for the day. Can I ever elaborate on how much I think that is the most perfect pairing in the world? I don't think I can. If it were me, I would lump Yui, Midori, Sigurd and Citan in a giant house and it'd be one giant family. Because I love Yui, I love Midori, I love love Citan and I love Sigurd. Alright. Bedtime. Me. Now.

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