Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

To Do List

List of things to do when I get back to the Good Ole USA (in no particular order):

1.) Get birth control shot: (Yes I am going to want sex from Alexi, and lots of it.. too much information? So what! My journal, deal!)
2.) Sleep: (Jet Lag is going to hit me like a shot to the heart.. *heh's*)
3.) Clean Room: (Imagine the dust that will have accrued.. I am going to be devoting at least a day to that. *will whap the dustbunnies into submission*)
4.) Call Alexi and talk for an hour (the 15 minute phone calls are a drag) as well as buy phone card to call R~A:
5.) Make arrangements for when Alexi comes to Idaho to visit:
6.) ROLEPLAY *nudges R~A*
7.) Clean out fishtanks and pray that the fish are not dead *has a really bad feeling about that* *shivers*
8.) Download Music and make CDs for both Alexi and R~A
9.) Sort through all the pics I found while on this TDY. (oooh.. edit for piccy archive! *yay's*)
10.) CHINESE FOOD: (*rubs hands together* Sweet & Sour Chicken)
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