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Episode 9.. and I'm downloading 10 right now. It's like the drama just sort of whacked me in the head. Not only the angst, the drama.. but the HOMOSEXUAL SUBTEXT. (Which considering the age that they were trying to get at with the art style, circa Regency/Victoriana period... does not surprise me since history is full of homosexual subtext -anyways-). I think I sobbed over Franz and Albert.. and then I giggled over Blondie (because I can never figure out his name) and his obsessiveness over being the Count's favorite.

So my pairings of choice?

Count x Blondie. (I will figure out his name one of these days)
Count x Albert
Count x ANY(thing)ONE
Maximillian x Valentine (OMG.. could this be.. HET)
Albert x Franz

Edit: Mish and I also decided that we're gonna stick Sigurd and Hyuga in a cabin during a blizzard and force them to play nice for the Squenix RP. That should be interesting. Much fun to be had for all.

Edit 2: http://elegia.vis.ne.jp/xeno/gallery/chibi_hyuga2.htm There is a little Chibi Hyuga.. isn't he cute. X_x Gods I think I'm in love with the little runt.. *thuds*
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