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To everyone that was expecting the Daily Download yesterday. I will be putting it up momentarily, I was so filled with Hayami Shou/Inoue Kazuhiko goodness that I forgot to do it. We did have a definite winner.. thank you everyone for breaking the tie when it was up there. I'll get the upload up once I finish listening to all these Hayami Shou musics. *yay* Mmm Muraki.

Edit: Just saw the poster for episode 3 of Star Wars.. and Holy Hell, Anakin actually LOOKS hot now. It always happens, in Episode 1.. I absolutely didn't like Obi Wan.. but then in Episode 2, I was but a puddle.. maybe it's the whole padawan that I don't like. DAMN IT PEOPLE GROW YOUR HAIR OUT! Don't make baby jedi cry.. or something...
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