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The past is going to repeat itself.. again and again.

This is on mutual consensus of me and R~A
I broke from the cycle and I know that R~A has just broken free.

Recovering and proud.

Do I regret it? At times yes.. I think I could of broken off in a better way.. however when I look back I realize that it was the only way.

Yes I love Alexi. I would not trade in his love for anything. I know it is true love, unconditional love. A love that won't make me give up my friends, a love that is certain and true enough to -last-

Goodbye to the dramatics..

I have something lasting, I have a love that enriches my life, makes me wake up with a smile, dispells the shadows from my heart.

All you who know me well know that when I was with her I hardly would associate with my other friends. That is not the kind of love to have.. a love that makes you fear talking to anyone else for fear that they will get angry and start to cry.

I have said enough.

R~A.. I smurf you!


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