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~Star of Love~

*jams to Boy Meets Girl by Daa Daa Daa* This is from the anime "His and Her Circumstances" which is a translation for something which I do not remember in japanese.

Which reminds me of why I am furious. *heh's* Not with anyone else but Sgt Edmonson. He says the 80s are dead.

However he listens to 70s music.

If 80s music is dead then 70s music is just about rotting.

I have nothing against 70s music however I long to rub that in his face.. ooh you have no clue how angry that it makes me. If I dog any sort of music it is usually with the clause that it is ONLY OPINION and personal taste.

Of course the same Sgt can't stand Japanese stuff either. In fact many people don't have tolerance for it, I say it is an aquired taste. Jpop is happy music.. I mean I get up and dance when I hear "Vanilla" by Gackt, and "Appears" by Ayumi Hamasaki. Let's not get started on how I bounce off the walls when I hear "Catch You Catch Me" or even "Rinbu Revolution" When I hear J-pop/J-rock I wanna dance.

But anyways back on subject... sure the 80s were the times of the Big Hair Bands and the gender confused guys.. but I tell you one thing, that was the age of sappy love ballads like you wouldn't believe. The beauty, the subtle power.. what bands were big in the 80s.. Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Erasure, Culture Club, The Police, Sting, Foreigner.. and the list goes on and on.

Anyways that is my defense for the 80s music that I love so dearly.

Read it and weep. *mwhahahaha's*

Well I think I should stop MTing right now because it is growing really.. hmmm.. confusing.

I MT because I bore easily.

Angue.. I hope you don't mind when I RP, I will probably be doing 3 million other things as well. The only thing I can guarentee that I will not be doing is RPing with someone else because that is one thing I cannot MT.. two characters at once is too emotionally challenging for even me. (I could do it when I first started out.. but then I realized that it was confusing me most of the time.)

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