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~Good guys only win in the movies...~

This is what I officially did with the Shinichiro base that fox_reed gave to me. The guy is from the anime, Sukisyo and he is yet another favorite glasses wearing bishounen. I also have divinecomedy to thank for the Ordinary World Lyrics brushes that I implemented on it. I have to say I think I might prefer Lyrics brushes as opposed to adding regular text. It simplifies the whole text option which I like. I am especially happy over the background and how it turned out.

So thank you two.. you guys helped me make an icon that I *gaspshock* actually like.

Now to order chinese food. X_x;

Ah, I don't know what I want though.. I might give Michelle callage.. maybe. I am not sure yet. First I need to find out what I -want-. *kerthuds*
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