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I just got done getting my friend Dimitri hooked on Kyou Kara Maou. And so now he wants to see more of it. I just had to prove to him that it wasn't just -all- about the gay. (which it isn't). And some of the pairings like Yuuri and Conrad has it's basis in het. (That is very ambiguous). I love it when I sell straight men on anime that is ALL ABOUT THE GAY JOKES!

He is begging me for the disks right now. *cackles* I have the POWAH!

I already know what I am going to do for velessa's birthday. I'm going to upload for her three of Inoue's songs for her. (She just has to tell me which ones she has so that I can pick three which I think would make a good present.. for her. Hopefully that'll make her birthday special. *hee's*)

Now to get smacking on some stuff.. I don't know what.. maybe icons. Oi. *runs around* Oh yes, the DAILY DOWNLOAD... I need to do that.
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