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Yes, this icon -is- wrong.. and I spent all of about 3 hours on it.. but I'm damn happy with it. *heh's*

My poor Citan.. >.< Back to getting screwed over.

Edit: My eyes hurt from so much detail work, and I need sleep. MEH.

Sorry for all the people who I just was not in the mood for playage.. I hit creativity slumps or some muses want the spotlight over other muses and so it's hard to juggle them. They need to be like snarked.. or sporked, or something.

Funny how Modern Talking's stuff is so good.. but it is so cheesy.. like the song "Geromino's Cadallic".. -_-;

When I was in love with Kuro, Modern Talking was all I could listen to.. because Modern Talking is the perfect cheesy love songs.. X_x; But you are not aware of the cheese unless you are -not- in love.

Night everyone.

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