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~So many but nobody calls.. can't be alone when the darkness falls~

Setzer: *stands there* Come on.. I want a songfic.. I mean Magus has 3 million.. so does your other characters.. why can't I! *whines and pleads and begs* I mean you even wrote a hentai songfic for him.. how fair is that.
Nia: I will see what I can do however I am busy.. *trails off*
Setzer: *demands* With what?
Nia: *points to Anton who sitting at a vanity putting on makeup* It's drag queen night.. you wanna play?
Anton: *grins lecherously* Yeah.. we can put a pretty purple wig on you.. and a frilly ruffly dress.
Setzer: NO! *sighs and goes back to play with his airship* You guys are hopeless.
I just wanna have a songfic.. *wiggly anime teary eyes*
Nia: *walks over and gives Chibi Setzer a hug* I will see what I can do.
Setzer: *snurfles* You promise? *hopeful eyes*
Nia: Of course.. but I just don't want to put you to a song that fits.. I haven't heard yet a song that could represent your unique personality.
Setzer; *clings to Nia* Kay.. I understand.


Well I have been looking through pics of my new crush, Jack Davenport. *falls over* Oh my goddess he is such a sweet tart.. I swear I could glomp him all up.. hurray for gay opera guys. (though in real life he isn't gay..*_*) Why do I like gay guys so much?

Because I find them non-threatening. Everyone here knows that I generally have a fear of men.. not hatred just hesitancy.. You have to be really special for me to feel comfortable around you or even talking to you. (if the reader is a male) I instinctually know if you are to be trusted.. the guys that I know can't be trusted I will shy away from and I won't even speak to. The male race have screwed me over in both the literal and figurative sense and there were times in my childhood where I would scream and cry being left alone in a room with a man.

Of course eye candy is eye candy... and I like eye candy and I enjoy male beauty.. I just don't -trust- it exactly.
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