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My new name is evidentally Bunnybutt until I go down to see fennin, hemisphere and uzukisaru for real... and then they are going to dub me with a different name.. (depending of course on if they do not think Bunnybutt fits).

And here I was.. so pressing for C0ck.. (j/k.. no meat here)

But I guess we can't all be Jin, now can we. *snickers evilly* Now back to gaining levels in Xenosaga! *sporks myself*

My icon skills.. I am amazing myself a little more each day with the new tricks I am learning.. this is of course all thanks to my icon sensei, divinecomedy

Also Mish, I also thought of a scenario I want to do for Squenix sometime in the time frame when the fiance is there.. I am thinking that Hyuga is going to sneak out with his violin toward the arts center, and play in one of the empty rooms.. and Sigurd can meet him up there or perhaps hear him as he plays. Tell me what you think of it, alright?

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