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~Ideas from the darkside~

Well what can I possibly write in here. Most of my journal enteries seem to have a whining edge to them and no doubt my DJ is loads even more whining. I have things to be happy about granted. I really do. There is the Talented Mr. Ripley that I saw last night and oh goodness upon goodness this certain guy, he played Peter Kingsley.. Jack Davenport. Now if I wasn't drooling profusely. That is what Troy Etaine looks like, I swear.. I mean Jack Davenport is his RL counterpart. *sniffles* Even the incredibly sexy english voice fits. (Troy has an english voice.. yeah I think he does.)

Forget Brian Molko (who I have been using for the Etaine twins of Mitch and Troy) however I dunno, how I am going to get a make-up wearing picture for Mitch? Maybe I will have to stick with Brian Molko for Mitch.

I recall reading that post that Lynn did and I was impressed and inside me Magus was crying because he couldn't do anything..

Magus: You are the one who has me trapped in a dimensional warp.
Me: Not me, Blame Jesse. He just wants to keep you locked up because secretly he has a crush on you...
Magus: No he doesn't.
Me: Yes he does...
Magus: Does not! *lalala*
Me: Don't argue with me, my word is law. *whaps Magus back into the dimensional warp*

Yup.. Magus was one of the unfortunate few.. getting locked up. My other Cs.. oooh boy when I get back they are going to get thouroughly played. *snickergiggles* I feel like playing with Ethos. *toys around wtih the idea* I feel like playing Enigma.. I want more shit to hit the ceiling.. and I want to drag Olympia into it somehow.

The noble King, Ean Valiase.. I want to drag him into things as well.

*thinks* Ooooh I got it now.. Patricia -is- going to be found.. by Ean and his knights.

Olympia has Patricia.. think of what Sylvia will think. I can see everyone going into a rage, including Silver Bainbridge.. Sylvia's own head mystic.

That gives Olympia a weapon. *heh's* A mighty powerful weapon.

That is my project for the night.


Patricia is -not- going to like Olympia very well I am thinking.

Independant warrior queen meets Olympia were Women's Lib is not going to exist for another thousand years.


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