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~First of all~

I have added duokinneas back to my friend's list. She is in no way obligated to add me back but I feel that I can read her journal entries without remorse, that I can actually put her back on my friend's list.. especially with all the in depth conversations we've had on Winged Shards. And maybe one day she will put me back on her friend's list too. It's not required, but I don't think I have to hide the fact that I read her entries and I refuse to. Not now. We've managed to wade to debris to get to the grounds we are on now and I am damn proud of it. I committed alot of injustices to her in the name of love.

Also.. funny dream line everyone. This is what woke me up.. it also inolves a person from my LJ friend's list and someone who I only know from others.

Murky: It isn't albedo if doesn't make loud noises..
Xelchan: Or explode..
Me: So Albedo's a blow-out sale?

Yeah.. that's me.. freak-oid. >,> I also had a sad dream that I do remember about Alexi getting run over by a car.. twice. That was not funny. X_x *HUGGLES THE ROOMMATE*

Maybe my dream means that Alexi is going to get run over by Albedo.

If that happens.. I might have to have a Jr. around so that we can have random acts of illicit smut. >,>

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