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~All the hopes I ever had.. fade like footprints in the sand~

Well here is my thing with Frenditto.

I don't care.

You know why? Because I have such a large friend's list.. and someone on my friend's list had already emailed my ex-girlfriend's mom with several friend's locked posts. And hence I realize with a friend's list of my magnitutde. I've already given people the knives to stab me in the back with.. so really it does not concern me. The people that I know and trust have access to my -real- journal over at winged_shards, and I know they don't use frienditto... so.. *shrugs* feel free to archive my posts.. you are not going to get much in the way of anything since I have absolutely and utterly refused to bare my soul to anyone on this journal.

And for anyone who knocks on the door to my Winged Shard's journal. It's by invitation, so I would not bother unless I talk to you enough that I feel I could trust you with the very things that could break me.


And just to lighten up this otherwise dark post. Thank you hemlocke for the Take That CD. Man, these guys are my weakness. -_-; Anything on my playlist.. if you want.. I offer it to you humbly.

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