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Just watched the subbed version of Xenosaga II.

Oh gods the subtext.

Jin: You know we shall meet eventually, and when that happens..
Me: Hot Sex!
Chaos: Yes, we cannot let Shion know that we've known each other for the past fourteen years.
Jin & Chaos: *chuckles and laughs*


As much as the animation sucks and is in no way superior to the actual game.. that made me happier then you wouldn't believe. And that made the past 7 loser episodes all worth it. Thank you Xenosucky...



Citan's solo is up for human consumption. The angst shall start soon.. the plot just gets thicker and thicker for us. *adores it though* Remember, any of your wonderful ideas can be emailed to me and I shall definitely glomp it up.. because I adore angst. *loser yes* Love ya, girl... Play more XENOSAGA!
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