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*A white haired man peeks out from a door and glances around to see if there is anyone there.. the coast being clear he walks out. He is clad in leather pants, a simple white tunic and black boots that were embroderied with red and silver thread and beeds. Slung over his shoulder is a leather jacket.*

*He sits down on a chair, backwards so that his arms fold against the back and he scoffs* Look my name is Setzer and I am here to clear up some little random "untruths" about Magus. I am pissed! *scrunches nose up* Even as we speak Corrine and Magus are doing god knows what in Tanya.. errh Nia's mind. First of all.. Magus gets -way- too much hype. I should know, I am his half brother, Setzer Gabbiani." *his eyes are right now grey, raging grey to show his anger.. or maybe just frustration. He is god awful handsome, no doubt about that and he exudes a playboyish charm*

"First item of business. Magus is -not- bishounen and yet -she- paints him as such. Was he bishounen in the game, ChronoTrigger.. nonono.. he was pale as a vampire and he had no personality. Well okay so he still has no personality and he is also paler then shit.. wait shit isn't pale, forget that!" *Setzer pauses to catch his breath* "There is another character running around in Nia's mind, Magus Bainbridge. No resemblance at all.. Magus B. is actually a decent human being, I have talked to him several times. Magus Z. however.. I don't think he is decent, in fact I don't think he makes the top 100. He isn't the greatest guy to hang around and it is really no wonder he stayed a virgin for so long..."

*A woman walks through the door, long golden hair and flashing blue eyes. She is definitely a looker. She spots Setzer and folds her arms over her chest*

"Setzer Malcolm Gabbiani?"

"Whaaaaa?" *Setzer looks up and blinks, instantly appearing innocent" "That's my name.. Violetta?!?!?!.." *bows head and sweatdrops* "Shit!"

"I was looking around for you.. what are you doing here?" *Violetta blinks and switches on the light of Nia's mind and puts her hands on her hips in frustration*

"Ummm.. nothing.. just brushing my teeth!" *says to the audience in a whisper* "That's my wife... shhh.. don't say a word and maybe she won't notice."

*walks over to the little instant replay button and presses it.. all of Setzer's ramblings fill the room and she smirks slightly* "Oh really?"

*Setzer visibly flinches as he hears his own voice*

"Well perhaps the audience wants to hear about -you-?" *Violetta grins slightly and walks up behind Setzer, drapping her arms around his shoulders*

"Nah, why would they want to hear about me?" *Setzer feigns innocence*

"For starters.. Setzer is lazy. He doesn't know how to do laundry or cook, he has to have his wife do it for him."

"Isn't that what wives are for?" *Setzer blinks*

*Violetta elbows Setzer in the side sharply*

"Owwww... that hurt" *Setzer sulks*

"Now there are many -redeeming- qualities to Magus however Setzer cannot see it. Magus is intensely loyal to Corrine and would do anything for her. He never forgets special occasions and most importantly he actually closes his mouth when he chews." *Violetta murmurs as she runs her fingers through locks of Setzer's hair indolently*

"I don't forget as long as you remind me!" *Setzer pouted and tilted his head to the side* "Sides if you think he is wonderful then why didja marry me?" *continues to pout*

"At any rate what I am saying is -no one- is perfect.. not Magus, not you. Magus lacks your spontanaity and your energy but likewise you are tactless and flighty... so stop badmouthing him.. and I married you because I fell in love with all your rebellious and reckless ways." *Violetta plants kisses all over Setzer's neck*

*Anton barges in and growls* "Hello? What are you guys doing here? This is -my- territory!" *stamps foot in impudent rage*

*Setzer rolls eyes* "Its Nia's fag boy.. He's found us."

*Violetta sighs* "You shouldn't of tried to infiltrate her LJ -anyways- *aside to other people* "Setzer is just jealous because he wants to be the center of Nia's attention"

*Setzer sighs* "I just wanna be loved."

"I just want you to get out of my space.. !" *Anton sniffles and curls up in the corner* "This is -my- LJ..." *whimpers*

*Violetta gets up and starts toward the door* "You guys are pathetic.." *shuts the door behind her*

*Setzer jumps up* "Hey don't leave me alone with him!!!" *darts out the door and slams it*

*Anton wiggles his brow* "Touche!"

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