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~People I feel a huge affinity for.. much loves and shoutouts to you guys~

*Because I think that everyone needs some sort of recognition as to why they are so damn special*

fennin - For being sweet
uzukisaru - For being a crazy monkey and making me sporfle in the truest sense of the word
hemisphere - For our long involved talks


shuufish - For giving me a chance to giggle again.
littletrowa - For making me feel attractive again
lostangelssong - For giving me someone to squick
divinecomedy - For allowing me to vent when I have to
katimus_prime - For giving me hope.
xandria - For being my senpai.. for allowing me to share in your past expiriences.


Those people, I consider my family.. at least online. You guys rock so much. I just want to know that you guys are not replacements.. you guys lent me your light when I needed it the most, allowed me to share in special parts of you guys.. and for that, I am totally great. You guys stand on your two feets in my mind.. regardless of whatever the past held. And I hope you guys always realize that. Each of you rock in your owm individual way. And you guys.. can hang out in my hood -any- time.
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