Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

I actually have my hair braided tonight. Too bad I have such fine hair... well okay so at times it can be thick, other times it is fine. Usually the longer my hair is, the finer it grows. (It's all that weight.. >.<) But anyways.. still making icons. Though as I told people, I am going to be a trifle slow with the icon making.. however there are a few tricks that I did implement in the current ones which I am pleased with. (*is especially pleased with zhoutaisdayoff's one* That one turned out so nice.)

Trying to find a good picture for snifflelovers icon.. because I sort of know what I want to do. X_x (or at least the interest)

Oh yes, tomorrow night, I'm staying up a good deal later then I normally do. (Per littletrowa's request.. since she really wants to work on the Citan and Sigurd AU with me) and hopefully I will get some quality iconage in too).

I still think I could do a better Citan and Jin pairing icon.

And I need to make another icon for Hisui since I deleted the milkshake one. X_x I am so.. fickle. However slowly but surely I am building up my favorite icons repertoire.


Fun is going grocery shopping at Wal-Mart at 1 am.. (*which is what I'm gonna do*)

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