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~Got a ticket for a world where we belong~

Well all songfics aside. (and I have been kicking out my fair share)

I am alot better today, I am playing some Savage Garden and downloading pictures and looking through my "The Anime Companion" wow, really good book, I lurv it! But anyways I am making my own symbol language. (Alexi has one.. why shouldn't I?) anyways I already have symbols for people (I.E me, Alexi, Angue, Viv, and Jesse) made out

I love this. *hee's* Ain't that a cute piccy! *hee's* Yes I am downloading FY pics. That is one of my favorite series. While I do not like Miaka.. I like how she is drawn in Manga.. very genki! I mean I have no problem with Miaka when she is just sitting there eating or looking cute.

It is only when she screws up the whole Seishi's purpose that things get a little excessive and I wish someone would just tie her up and leave her there.. by goddess the seishi would do a better job of protecting her if she didn't get these hare-brained notions in her head. Ah I have a stomach ache. *meh's* Ah Alexi got my greeting card.. yay.. I just got an email comfirmation. *hee's*

Yay for dragons. I am looking through www.enchantedkingdoms.com and it has alot of fantasy inspired stuff. *hee's* I swear me and Alexi's house is going to look so awesome. Yes I like the unusual.. I am wierd. Alexi wants to build a circular house that has a japanese garden in the center.. very spa-ish.. I like it.. we just need to save up. Course I am gonna be rich so we will be able to afford it eventually.

Anyways better go. I have tons of other stuff to do! *cheeses*



"We"ll doncha know that time is a broken glass that splinters against the wall.."

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