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Who: Jin and Chaos
Players: shuufish (Chaos) and myself (Jin)
Venus: Squenix Uni
Commentary: Chaos and Jin.. stubborn gits.. stubborn.

He pulled into the parking lot and once the car was put into park, he pocketed his keys into the folds of his yutaka and then got out of the car. He did not disturb Chaos's introspection, figuring that was partway the case for the silence. He could see just below the surface, but that was all.. such mystery drove him crazy.. but it intriqued him, making him want to dive below the surface. Though with all pools of water, one was invariably left wet from the expirience. Jin knew that he could sit on the edge and admire the reflection -or- he could dive in and risk drowning. It was a decision he was not prepared to make at this moment.

"So how hot do you like your curry?" Jin inquired, breaking the silence with something light and trivial.. it was almomst nonchalant the question, perhaps even a challenge if Chaos would want to construe it as such.

The moment Chaos pulled open the car door, he snapped back into reality, his introspection blowing away on the shifting winds that often directed his attention. He smiled at Jinn sweetly as he answered. "I like it pretty hot, actually." He could recognize the potential for challenge and found that it would be amusing to meet it, a little sparkle coloring the depths of his eyes. "How about you?"

"Probably a good deal hotter then you.." Jin said with an impish grin, "After all if your throat does not burn off, then it is probbaly not hot enough.." Jin started to walk toward the curry resturant, the sun casting slight rose hints to the usually blue undertones of his hair, and turning the hair a dark black purple. "Of course.. I am always up to seeing if someone can -beat- my record.." The side of his lips quirked ever so slightly and an elegant black brow raised.

The inner Chaos, the one that he hid from almost everybody, was doing an excited little dance, bouncing up and down eager to meet the challenge. The outer Chaos merely smiled and conceded to raise one silver brow. "Well, we shall see, won't we?" He reached forward and opened the door for Jinn, letting him go in first.

"That we shall.." And of course it was unfortunate for Chaos that Jin did not intend on losing, or so Jin thought. He walked in however he insisted on pulling back the beaded curtain for Chaos to go through.. showing Chaos that he could do his part, he then leaned down to whisper into Chaos' ear, luckily not too far down.. since there was only a few inches between them. "I like it very hot..."

What was Jin talking about again? Oh yes.. curry.

Chaos' lips twitched at the words and he turned his face quickly, his lips now a fraction of an inch from Jinn's, whispering "I knew that already." A hint of a smirk that was gone in a flash, as Chaos stepped through the beaded curtain and into the restaurant. Yes, of course they were talking about curry. He went ahead and asked for a table for two, following the host to a table without a glance back to Jinn.

Of course the tables were not tables so much as cushions on the floor with a short wooden table almost like a coffee table. Jin lowered himself down onto it and accepted the menu that was offered to him. Knowing full well what he would get, the chicken masala, with a curry level of Eight. He peered over at Chaos over the menu, green eyes were the only thing that could be viewed. Those eyes danced and tried to play a merry game.

Chaos accepted the menu and proceeded to give it all of his attention. "So, what are you having?" he asked nonchalantly without looking up. One of his guilty pleasures had always been spicy food, and he felt that his chances of winning were fairly good. In the end, who won or lost didn't really matter, it was the challenge itself that was exciting. He was toying around with the idea of just getting what Jinn was having, though that might make discerning a winner hard.

"Chicken Masala.. and you?" He said as he set aside his menu, leaning forward and clasping his fingers together, the slightly dusky interior of the resturant enhancing his green eyes. Oh yes, he looked positively predatory. It was a thrill of sorts that stemmed it... the thrill of seeing who could outspice each other.

Chaos tapped one finger against his lower lip while he thought about it. "You know, that sounds good." He didn't bother to ask how spicy that was going to be, as he rather enjoyed surprises. He was far more amused by the playful gleam that lit Jinn's eyes. So he just looked into those green eyes, completely unperturbed by the predator stalking it's prey look he was receiving, his own eyes were calm blue pools.

The waiter came up and Jin ordered for both of them, two orders of Chicken Marsala as well as an extra vial of curry spice. Oh yes, he would probably need more. It would be the competition of the century. He also took the libtery of ordering a pitcher of sweet milk which was generally drank with the advent of curry. Once the waiter was sent to scurry off, he then tilted his head to the side and regarded Chaos. He had had time to head up to Margie's room and ask her what had been discussed in class that day. "I was thinking that tonight we could take a run to the cathedral, it's just outside of Illucia. It would of course be a little more quiet there so we could nose through records and the whatnot without having a whole crowd surrounding us."

Chaos placed one hand on the ground next to his body and shifted to lean his weight on it as he surveyed Jinn across the table. "That sounds fine, if no one minds that we are there so late." He wasn't worrying about the dinner competition at all, so he easily shifted into thinking about the project. "I didn't know there was a cathedral nearby. Is it very old? I have always been fascinated by old churches of all sorts."

"Yes it is.. very beautiful on an artistic level.. with stained glass windows, crucifix's.. the whole bit. There are also some old religious archives in the library there.." Jin said as he poured himself a glass of water, holding his sleeve as he did so. It was a habit he had whenever he was in his yutaka.. he tended to do things in a very japanese way. "I have not researched how old it is yet... perhaps we can do that when we wander over there after dinner?"

"Is it a little odd if I say that sounds like fun?" he asked, waiting for Jinn to finish with the water so he could pour himself a glass. He honestly enjoyed research, so he was looking forward to getting the project under way. "It sounds like a beautiful church." He idly wished he had brought in his back pack because he had taken the liberty of drawing up a couple of possible outlines earlier today. Well there would be plenty of time to show them to Jinn later.

"Would you think me odd if I told you that one of my favorite things to do is research and poke my nose in mysteries and old ruins.. as well as secrets and superstition.. my major is paranormal studies.." Probably a new thing for Chaos to learn quite honestly. "So yes, I am looking forward to it as well.." He then passed the pitcher of water to Chaos, while he took a sip of his water, savoring it's clean taste on his lips.

"Really?" That intrigued Chaos, though he also found it oddly fitting. He hadn't ever really thought about what Jinn's major would be before now. "What do you plan on doing with that when you graduate?" He wondered aloud, as he took the pitcher to fill his own glass. He set the pitcher out of the way and picked up his glass, taking a small sip, contemplating the peaks and valleys the conversation had taken, from outright flirting to normal day to day conversation. It was hard to predict where it would go next and Chaos found it exhilarating.

"Well my father wants me to join the Second Miltia Federation, his rank promises me a rather hefty rank if I indeed chose to join. If I enlist under his patronage, I am assured a entrance rank of Captain which is not too bad." He said as he then set the glass down, his eyes flicking up to look at Chaos. "I personally have not decided yet, I have another two years to decide.." Jin did like the peaks and valleys in the conversation. It exhilerated him as well.. left him breathless how Chaos could do that.. of course realizing that in essence it was a volley betweem them.

~If Chaos could keep this up.. forever.. I could.. oh nevermind..~ Such thoughts were not well to think on. And he rested his chin on his hand and looked at the younger guy. "And you.. what are you here for if I might inquire?"

"I'm studying philosophy." Chaos answered promptly. He was about to stop there but decided to offer a little more information. "I'm minoring in theology as well." He filed away the information that Jinn had given him, and once again decided against mentioning that he had been to Second Miltia. "I guess I don't really know what I will do after I finish the degree either." He admitted easily, smiling as put his glass back down on the table. "So what will you do if you don't enlist?"

"Well I am not too sure about a career in the miltary, since I get bored very easily.. and I am not sure of quite how.. satisfying such a career would be, despite all the lauds that my father promised should I enlist.." He watched the food slowly getting brought to their table, the steaming dishes set before them. "I would rather explore every option available.. though I am considering a stint in the military to begin with.. just to see what it is like.." He shrugged, "I have also pondered being a doctor, a bookseller, a priest.. though the priest, I do not think I would have the stamina for that.. but then if my step father can be a priest, and be the horniest bastard on the planet.. I think that perhaps I could manage a little bit of it.."

"That doesn't sound like a bad way to be. Just trying things out and moving on when you get bored of something." Chaos tilted his head to one side as he thought about it, his eyes also on the food as it arrived. The competitive sparkle returning to his eyes, though the rest of his expression remained unchanged. "I get bored fairly easily myself, so I can understand that life." He glanced at his food then over at Jinn, settling back and waiting for the other guy to eat first.

Jin smirked almost audibly, in such a way that it was almost heard. He reached for the vial and poised it over his chicken marsala.. before he tapped out 2 drops onto his food. Oh yes, that was going to be -very- hot. He then took up his fork and then very calmly ate it. No expression on his face, or no sudden reaches for the water.

Chaos suppressed the urge to giggle in the face of Jinn's very impressive smirk. Taking things slowly, he tried the dish by itself. With a little shake of his head he reached for the vial added one drop. He tasted his food, then added another drop and took another bite. He pondered, shot a tiny glance over at Jinn and added another drop to his curry. After he ate another bite he shrugged, a gesture that said, this will do for now and continued eating, his only expression that of a slight curving Cheshire cat smile.

Jin could not possibly stop there. He saw the way that Chaos shrugged and then reached for the vial and tapped 2 more drops on his food. It was hot yes, but it was nothing that Jin could not handle.. he pushed the food around with his fork and then took another bite, raising a challenging brow at Chaos. Looking for all intents and purposes quite devilish.

Chaos reached out to take the vial, and added another drop, tasted, then added a second, another bite. He tipped his head to one side then the other as he considered before adding another drop to his food and eating it with nothing more than a sweet smile. If Jinn intended to play the devil then Chaos had no problem playing the angel as the contest wore on. Oh, it certainly was hot but he knew it would be awhile yet before he reached his limit.

Jin grinned softly and then reached for the vial, adding three drops and then raising a brow as he considered this. "Now this is no fun.. we should be pouring these on each other's food.." Jin said as he reached over and with a flick of his wrist.. three more drops to Chaos's food. "After all.. we are testing each other's limits, ne?"

"Very well" Chaos said picking up his fork and trying his food again. He grinned easily, his eyes dancing with amusement and reached for the vial. He examined Jinn carefully, almost sizing him up before carefully adding 4 more drops to Jinn's food. He idly took another bite as he waited for Jinn to eat.

He pushed the food around on his plate and then took a bite, raising a brow. Yes, it was starting to burn. But that did not detract him, he took a few more bites, of course he was breaking a sweat. Of course he was.. that was evidenced by a light sheen on his brow. However not daunted in the slightest, he took the vial and the very audaciously added five drops. He could up this ante.

Chaos tried his food again, rather enjoying the way it burned down his throat. He noticed that Jinn was sweating just a bit, Chaos was too but he absolutely didn't care. He ate a few more bite just for good measure then, taking Jinn's lead, he added 6 drops. He idly wondered if it were possible to die from over spicing the curry and wouldn't that be a funny obituary. He wasn't certain why, but Chaos was becoming determined not to loose.

Oh yes.. now that was some curry, and Jin took some more of it into his mouth, getting that determined and absolutely stubborn look in his eyes. This was what it meant to be a taurus and he took another bite, first instinct was to go to the water.. but he would not. Because he was absolutely -not- going to cave first. Once a few bites were taken, he very evilly added 7 drops. His green eyes sparkling.. partly from the curry, and partly from mischief.

Chaos thought that obstinate look Jinn was getting was actually kind of sexy, but he didn't linger over that thought. He took his next bite; his eyes definitely wanted to water and perhaps a little bit of moisture could be seen there. He really wanted a drink of water but that was out of the question. He added 8 drops with an expression of innocence, that was only a little spoiled by the watery eyes.

Likewise for Jin.. he was drawn by the way that Chaos seemed to hold on. He found something inherently desirable in the way that those full lips curved around the curry.. he could even see the lower lip quiver slightly. He wondered vaugely how hot and spicy those lips and that tongue would be.. of course he had to thoroughly wipe those thoughts from his mind. He took another bite and knew he was going to cave at any minute. He had lost count of how many drops.. enough drops to attack the senses, he knew he would be ordering some ice cream to disappate the curry from his lips. He had promised himself that he would not dally with Chaos for a while but quite honestly Jin found himself wanting those lips in the worst possible way. He made a motion as to pour more of the curry onto Chaos's food however he paused just as he was abotu to tap the liquidized spice out. "I could pour nine drops on your food.. or we could both concede that we are both stubborn bastards and if we do not stop now, we will never stop.."

Chaos reached out, placing his hand under Jinn's to prevent the addition of any extra spice to his food. "I can concede to that." He looked at Jinn with an almost lop-sided grin, one that seemed far more open then his normal smile. Chaos had never really considered himself to be very stubborn but there was something about the way that Jinn challenged him that made him want to cling on and win. And that made him smile, it made him want to laugh at how silly they were both being, it made him want to dive across the table and fix his lips to Jinn's in desperate hot kisses. The last thought sparked in his eyes for a split -second before he could stop it and he turned his head away. "We can attack our water glasses now, right?"

"Yes I think we can.." Jin said, lips full from the spices as he lifted up his glass of water, in a silent toast. "I will admit you made quite the impressive show, Chaos.. I was rather intriqued by your ability to hold Curry.. we shall have to have another such challenge.. perhaps when we're about ready to.. oh I don't know.. die?" Jin chuckled softly underneath his breath and then pressed the glass to his lips.

To be continued.....

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