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~And you don't seem to understand.. a shame you seemed an honest man.~

I hate myself

For hurting people needlessly, because I hurt..because I want to hurt.

I am venting in fact, I drastically changed Chapter 9.. so now Toma is suffering for it. I am making him watch Corrine and Magus fall in love at first sight.. Poor Toma.

This song is inspiring.. I don't know what the name is but it was on an anime disk that Tony made for me.. it is english.. it is really good.

Anyways I will copy and paste some of what I am writing.. this is the -real- story. *heh's*

Plagerize and YOU DIE! *heh's*

Seething inside with jealousy, it wasn't the fact that Magus steadied her.. it was the look that Corrine bestowed on Magus that made him hurt, there was no chance that she would ever look at him like that. His heart crumpled up into a compact ball and dragged itself to the bottom of his belly where his hope lay in wait to swallow it up. He came smashing back to reality when he realized he had yet to make introductions.
"Magus, I would like to introduce Corrine Graie. Cori, this is Magus Zeal." Toma effected the introductions as smoothly as he could under the circumstances. His eyes darted betwixt the two and he saw Magus smile faintly, smiling enough to make him irresistable. The rosy blush staining Corrine's cheeks was too much to handle and Toma had an urge to go outside and colour the sea with his sickness.

--Excerpt from "Kiss Before Dying"


So I will keep venting and writing and feeling like I want to kill myself because.

"And you don't seem to understand,
A shame, you seemed an honest man.
And all the things you hold so dear,
Will turn to whisper in your ear.
And you know what they say I might hurt you,
And you know it means so much..
And you don't even feel the pain.."

This might be Toma's song..

Poor Toma

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