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First of all, whenever I turn on semantic, I see the Citan icon and I get vaugely confused since I also use this icon for Citan's journal at green_tea_angel over at squenix_uni. But then I realize that this is the default icon for awhile. (I really haven't done the whole icon according to my playlist yet, but I am waiting to fill up all my icon slots*). Well. I played more Xenosaga II.

I have Jin in my party.

And now for some random Jin musings. (Because we know that everyone likes it when I muse about my favorite characters.). First of all. The slit on his Yutaka. I am enamoured much. I could watch the screen for flashes of his calves -foreveh-. Yes, he has nice strong calves. Calves that I just want to gnaw on. (I would say loincloth.. but that is kinda Chaos's problem.. not mine.). Also I love how Jin can get to Shion -that- much. I swear if Citan in the Squenix RP isn't even a little bit like Shion. Especially when she says:

Jin, don't embarass me!

Ohohohoho.. if that isn't a little bit familar on Squenix. And I picked up Jin on Squenix -before- I played the game or knew of his personality.. which means that Jin pretty much sync'd with me before the game. It's funny how muses do that. Their subtle barbs back and forth are horribly amusing. *snarks*

And Jin.. he can FLY! I love when he wallops a monster with his stocked commands, and he just goes airborn.. and stays that way.. for 10 seconds!. Jin my darling, you missed your calling as a basketball player. Man.. watching him fight makes me orgasm something fierce. And then of course there is the fact that I tend to wrack up the end kill with him so that I can see him up close. (Nia = Pathetic Loser). Jin has become a very strong force in my head... and who can blame me for wanting him around.

And also the height difference between Jin and Chaos is not that bad judging from the battle heights. Chaos is -almost- as tall as Jin.. the only really noticible difference is their stature. Chaos is very tall and lithe, and Jin is tall and muscular. That promotes alot of equality in my mind. (Equality is good... rarely are there any of my males that cannot be topped. The uke and seme stereotypes are nigh non-existant to me.. even Muraki.. even he can be sodomized with Oriya's sword handle. *coughs*)

I am also pondering today's download.

So here is what I am going to do. The first person to comment with a number between 1 and 2369.... the song that corresponds to the number (on randomized of course since I realize my playlist is on my userinfo) will be featured for today.

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