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Albedo is very much under-appreciated. He needs more love damn it. And I think he may be my favorite villian muse right now.. and in fact he makes me almost want to write sickass fic in his name. (Think of all the interesting stuff he and Rubedo could do.. >,>) But I will ponder it..I just need to like get over my urge to want to write snuff-fic with him in it.

Nia is a twisted individual.. but damn if Albedo is not hot in his batshit insane-yness.

People.. feel free to spork your eyes and/or brains out. I have provided complimentary sporks for that very same reason. ^_^

Jin and Chaos still have much love for me.. and I cannot help but just appreciate Chaos's new costume change. Finally we get to appreciate Chaos's NICE ass. I mean he really looks sixteen now.. and considering that Jin is 35.. well you know, it just makes Jin all sorts of wrong. That is in a physical sense, 19 years age difference. DAMN!

But then considering that Chaos was still 16 when Jin was 21.. well it makes it a little -less- wrong.
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