Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~You got Served!~

As much as I lost to Level 4 the first time.. I utterly PWNED him the second time. He did not know what fucking -hit- him.

And my love for Albedo went up like 10 notches. I think the people who have played through the game will know why. (Hint: EXPLODEY!)

Plowing through Winter now.. and doing some more pwning. All the while my Jin muse laments that he isn't there yet.

And yes, Jin is going to have a very cryptic entry to add to his squenix journal soon... however with a dice roll that is equivalent to 17.. he is not going to commit very quickly. Oh hell no. In fact, as he rolled a 17.. and Chaos rolled a 98... yeah.. Chaos will come around alot sooner, Jin.. he's just going to keep running a bit. It'll be fun.
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