Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,



Going to bed and waking up early = Teh Win.

I am afraid I shall be all groggy now. However I need to head over to the shopette on base in order to return the movie. >.>;

For anyone curious, my in-laws said that they still loved me.. and that I was welcome at their house anytime. So hence I feel alot better, I just have a paranoia when I am making such confessions to other people. (Or if people I care, or profess to care about, find out). One of my biggest fears are rejection.

I am still not happy with the icon that I made for Mish... >,> I think I need to rework it.. or something. I could definitely do it alot better. Damn me and my perfectionist nature.

Xenosaga II update: I haven't gotten past Summer yet. That is because I am an obsessive level gainer. Here me roar.

Time to go and return the movie. X_x
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