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~Dreams Come True - Reprise~

"Here I am with open arms,
Waiting for my boy to come to me.
And when my baby's here with all his charm,
I whisper to his ear to see the sea."

Corrine had longed for the moment when she would meet Magus but she never knew it would happen until Toma came to her with a strange request, one which she thought of carefully before she granted it. However all her dreams had turned into reality when she saw him standing there by the fireplace. This man, she knew.. not in reality of course but in dreams eternal that she saw in the eye of her soul.

A mate was what she had longed for in such girlish fancy and likewise she saw Magus standing there and knew that she would of chosen him.. that is if she was going to live longer then the next two weeks. Even know a cough settled at the base of her lungs and made it impossible to breathe much less speak.

He was perfection and she was nothing.

The thought made her cry yet through invisible tears she smiled and inclined her head respectfully when Toma introduced them.

What was that in his eyes... Dare she hope it was interest?

"Funny how dreams come true,
Like a fool I'm into you.
The day we met I lost my sanity
Funny how I feel for you
Like a fool I'm into you..
You washed away my insecurity."

That nightmare sent her shying from him, yet his affability drew her closer. She had told Toma to warn him off for she didn't want to hurt him with her death and yet when he got even a hairsbreadth closer to her it was electric and she felt his energy pulse through her blood.

Was this love?

Even when she tried to push him farther, she ended up pulling him closer toward her heart. This was love at its finest and yet most foolish. Tongue tied she got whenever he spoke to her, just a whisper against her ear as if they were sharing the most secret of confidences.

This was love.

Her mind grasped the concept with wonderment even as she stared up at the infinite stars that twinkled down at her in the Fortress Gardens, she raised a prayer up to her father in heaven and smiled tentatively.

Something warm wrapped around her shoulders and a brush of his hands against her shoulders. Her breath caught.

"You shouldn't be out here without a cloak."

Her heart danced even as she smiled serenely at his caring words, her body tingled at the warmth of his cloak.

"Here we lie heart to heart,
A perfect night for keeping you so near.
And we'll let all the world drift far apart,
As I hear you whisper into my ear.. baby..."

She couldn't keep him away, she didn't have the strength nor the will. The way he smiled down at her was beyond resisting. The way he kissed her oh so gently brought tears to her eyes. She never had been kissed before and it was sweet. He smelled of something mystical and eternal and he tasted like paradise.

"Marry me."

Those words reverberated through her soul at a thousand miles per hour and hit her straight at the heart, giving her a breathless feeling. What could she say? Could she pass up the opportunity to be with Magus for even a few days? She would die with Magus's name, what could be better then that.

"Yes... I will."

The stars glittered brightly, the heavens rang with some seraphic song and everywhere was reflected the precious serenity of a moment. Held in Magus's arms, wrapped warmly in his cloak.. there was no where that she would rather be.

"I love you..."

"Funny how all dreams come true,
Like a fool I'm into you.
The day we met I lost my sanity.
Honey how I feel for you (like a fool I'm into you).."

Walking down the aisle, wearing a ivory dress of silk and lace and holding a bouquet of violets and white roses she never thought this was coming, a tentatively shy smile crossed over her petal shaped lips, nervous yet not quite so when her eyes met Magus's down at the end of the hall.

"In sickness and in health.."

Dreams -did- come true.. even in such ephermeal ways as this. For today there was muted sunlight pouring through the windows to watch over the two lovers standing side by side.

"Til death do you part?"

She felt Magus reach for her hand to give it a warm squeeze, he must of sensed she was nervous and was trying to allay them. Returning the squeeze and leaning against him for support. Next to him she knew she had found the home of her heart, the birthplace of her soul... In his arms.

"I Do."

"Dreams come true,
Iike a fool I'm into you.
The day we met I lost my sanity.
Funny how all love can do,
Like a fool I'm into you boy.
Dreams come true,
Like a fool I'm into you.
The day we met I lost my sanity.
Funny how I feel for you,
Like a fool I'm into you..
You washed away my insecurities.."

-"Dreams Come True" by S.E.S

Songfic by Nia Westphal

P.S - IF DP I am sorry! *hee's*

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