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~Things are easy when you're big in Japan~

Well yesterday roommates parents. Alexi and I went to Boise. I spent some time on the computer with Mish tossing posts back and forth before the parents arrived at our house. Alexi only got 3 hours of sleep so he was pretty much dead on his feet most of the day. We went to eat breakfast at AJs and then we headed for the wonders that is Boise. Our first stop was the Zoo. I have some pictures on the cell phone of that. It was a great day of fun if a bit cold and huddly. (I wanted to stay in the rain forest enclosure because it was so WARM). I bought two little mini plushies... a plushie koala and a plushie tiger. They are going to go up on my compter.

Then we went to the co-op which was fun for everyone involved. We must of spent like hours there though... but at the co-op there -is- alot of things to do. I bought myself some organic green tea stuff which smells really nice. (Can you believe that they had green tea deoderant? Wow).

Afterwards I got lost in the city center, and so I had to drive and backtrack. That was alot of fun.. damn one way streets.

We went to CostPlus and Borders then, I bought some chocolate and veggitable chips.. as well as the first volume of Alchino. (which many people say is a very good manga series). I wanted to buy the CLAMP artbooks, but the price.. well I definitely would need to stagger that purchase. After all 60 bucks for two artbooks = alot of money

After that we continued to Kyoto's Japanese Steakhouse where the headache I had been nursing the entire day seemed to rear it's ugly head. I could only suffer through dinner and eat what I could. Damn it, Kyoto's and I are fated to have a horrible relationship.. first hangovers like crazy and then just regular headaches. I am beginning to wonder if it isn't just the energy of the place that is affecting me adversely.. perhaps my energies and it's don't meld well.

Came home, took some asprin and took a 3 hour nap. It did me wonders except I ended up just feeling really bad.

Stayed up talking wtih Amanda and then I turned off the computer, realized I wasn't tired and opted to play some Xenosexy. (thanks uzukisaru for the nickname). Gods I do love me some Jr. (Not as much as Jin.. but well you can't have it all). And Alexi was rivited to the screen, I wish I could say it was Shion, however it was because of the story, we both think it is vastly improved.. and seeing Ziggy almost crack a smile in regards to MOMO.. that is just so adorable! *thuds*

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