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You know I have a feeling that "Somewhere Out There" by Our Lady Peace will be the theme song for Mish and I's Sigurd and Citan independant project. But it is such a beautiful song. -_-


I know you'll come back someday,
on a bed of nails awake.
I'm praying that you don't burn out,
or fade away.

Okay, I've just had my sniffly and sad moment for the day. Gods I love angst.. I love feeling RPs with the depths of my soul, I love the little gut clench that I get. Is it wrong to be addicted to that at times?

Oh yes, littletrowa, that was so beautiful! XDDDD..

NO I WILL NOT MOAN! *snickers* Gods, horny woman. >.>

*ish drunk, yes*

And just for future reference.. my muses.. I will not make them do anything they do not want to do. My Hyuga muse protested too much so I didn't. Jin was alright with it. But damn it, if one muse is unhappy/bitchy/pissy.. then that's the end of peace and quiet for me.

Jin muse needs a cute Chaos to blow his world and to make him see that he can actually be himself. >.> My squenix Jin is pouting... I should not even listen to him. He doesn't need a Chaos muse damn it.


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