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~After the rain has fallen..~

And I think I might call it an early night.. since I've played my Xenosaga II for the evening, I don't really feel like RPing tonight and I went to bed VERY late last night and woke up very early. Not to mention that Alexi's parents are coming in for the weekend. So online time will be very sparse on saturday evening and then all day sunday. (Gotta be the good hostess and all.)

However I'll be on tomorrow morning, probably earlier. So the people who know to watch for me in the morning will watch out for me, this I know). So anyways. *huggles* Night everyone. To those who have played Xenosaga II.. and that are fans of Jin.. may your dreams be blessed by his sexy little smirk. *heeheehee*

Signing off for Tonight,

-Hyu / Nia
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