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Played more into Xenosaga.

Oh gods the Chaos and Jin subtext (because damn if in my mind they are not *coughing*). It is subtly killing me.

And oh gods, for Squenix, I nailed Jin RIGHT on the mark. And I had not even played the game. the 'not being able to keep a profession for six months', the running a business just to talk to people, the subtle baiting. I HAVE JIN DOWN TO A T! Fear my l33t skills.

I pwn everyone. X_x

I think that might of been Jin muse talking for me. >.<

Now.. for how it is going for me. First of all I would like to preface this by saying this will all be spoilerfree right now. This is just my general impressions of the game.

First of all. Voice Acting. I like it. I like the fact that Chaos lost the uke-voice. I am glad that MOMO's voice no longer makes me want to choke myself with 20 pocky sticks. Jin's voice I am very pleased with, during one sequence (that shall not be revealed), he sounded so emotional that I almost wanted to choke up as well. The voices I am pleased with.

Characters... I ended the last game liking only about -half- the characters. I didn't like Shion, I didn't like Jr, I was indifferent to Ziggy.. but now. Damn, I love how bitchy Shion is in this game. And she might slowly climb her way back up there into my esteem. Jr. After that hovercraft scene, he sort of skyrocketed as well.. and Ziggy. Well I think this game did alot better in bringing out the character's various personalities. This game is already a vast improvement from the first game. (In all instances.. all Jin aside)

So I suggest that you guys play through Xenosaga I just for this game. You'll find it a bit worth it. X_x

Jin is bugging me for more icons.

Damn it, isn't like 2 enough? *sighs*
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