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~Hold me.. close to your heart. Touch me.. give all your love to me~

Methinks I Xeno-whored myself out enough for one day. And it even spawned a new icon which is definitely a favorite icon. The general consensus is that Jin's expression in that picture is to die for. I will agree with it.

The following is the summary of my journal for the next month.

Jin blah blah blah loincloth yadda yadda yadda chaos and Jin bork bork bork

**Because as much as I have Jin play the field in my mind.. the only guy for him in my mind is Chaos.. and always will be for him. I am quite convinced that Chaos is the only one that Jin would even countenance letting top him.. but this is delusions of my romantical mind /end rant**

Anyone who feels like they will not be able to endure the crash course into Xeno-fandom.. feel free to delete me off your Friend's List. Just a minor warning, I am a crazed nut when it comes to Xenogears/Xenosaga. Xenogears is my favorite video game with a good reason, and Jin is the best thing to happen since Citan... so yes, I am a pathetic loser. *waves the flag* I'll agree with anyone who says it. *hehehehehehehe's*

--A Line that Applies to me from a A-ha song--

"I reached inside myself and found
Nothing there to ease the pressure of my every-worrying mind."

But ironically I am pretty happy right now.
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